About The Novak Gaming Co.

The Novak Gaming Co. was started out of our family’s love for board games. My mom, Nancy would play a version of this game in online chat rooms, and with friends and family. So many people enjoyed playing it, they would ask her, “When are you bringing this game to market?” So, naturally she came to me to bring the game to life; and so began the creation of Goes Both Ways.

Nancy, the ultimate artist and game creator was paralyzed 34 years ago due to a drunk driver. With all of the struggles she has dealt with over the years, we wanted to bring her ideas to life, so we could give back to those families struggling with a disability or mental health.

We began this company with the goal of bringing families together. Goes Both Ways is an extension of the Novak family, and all who enjoy playing board games with friends and family. Join us on our journey, bringing entertaining games like this, to families like yours.

Tyler Novak
Owner – The Novak Gaming Co.